Sunday, September 9, 2012

What's on the Dining Table today....

Hi Everyone, If you have been wondering where I am lately, I have not disapeared I have been over on can find me at Katherinetheoldboathouse . On instagram I try and take photos of our latest finds and other things that take my fancy too.
But today I thought I would give you, my lovely blogging friends,  a first sticky beak before I instagram , at some of the recent treasures that are waiting on the dining table to be cleaned and sorted.

Wonderful Art Deco Canisters in a lovely sage pale green....If I had a bigger kitchen they may never leave but surfaces are a tad full in my place...Grrrr

I love the shape of the lids...

More pretty greens...set of six delicate glasses.


Pair of planters. Good condition for anodised ones and great to get a pair.

Travel bag from the Sitmar Line....LOVE

Hat Box

Bowling balls in a cute little case, don't you love the lining?
I also have some furniture to show you....but the truth is I am too slack to walk downstairs and is so windy today. I'll try and pop back in tomorrow and share some more photos. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. 


  1. The canisters are fabulous, I'm liking art deco more and more these days.
    Instagram is addictive!

  2. I agree the detailing on those canisters is beautiful. Is that one of the downsides to being a dealer,not being able to fit more goodies into your house? Love the variety you show us Katherine,I'm getting a wonderful education,ha.

  3. Oooh love love love! Especially thr hat box!!

  4. Oooh love love love! Especially thr hat box!!

  5. Love vintage cameras and the hatbox is pretty cool too. Wouldn't it be nice if it was a vintage LV number? Yes thanks!
    ps re your comment, no renovating going on down here - the weather is all over the place and Lyn has been working on his old boat engine in all his spare time (and using all spare money too!!)

  6. Love your hat box! Just saying hi from your new liker...I cannot wait to check out your stores!

  7. Oooh! Are those canisters going up on eBay?!?

  8. Hi Thrifted Treasure, Thanks for your question, no they are headed for The Cottage Garden Nursery...once I give them a clean. xx


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