Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just in....Large Pigeon Hole Cupboards, Amazing Tin Bath and more

       Just in two large pigeon hole cupboards.
Perfect for a shoe collection, office or home library.

Not sure if the doors will stay on or not as I love seeing the gorgeous shelves. It seems a shame to close the doors on them. Although the doors are lovely....what would you do?
Here is the second one as it was coming off the back of the ute.

Below is something you don't see everyday. 

An old tin Bath. Surprisingly light...after we tipped out the dirt that was in it. I think it would make an amazing garden water feature. I'll just give it a bit of a tidy up, bang out a few of the dints and then I'll have to be careful not to fall in love with know how I do love odd things. 

The photos don't really do it justice. It is one of those things you have to feel and experience.

We also got this classic garden bench. It will be heading to the nursery this afternoon. 
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  1. hi katherine, depending on what i was displaying i would have the doors open with something also hanging over the door..i would not take the doors off though as i like most things kept original..paint is the exception though when i want it a bit shabby or primmed up!

    1. I agree Diane. I am thinking of adding a bit of paint to these ones as there is some wear on the sides. But I'll keep the natural timber of the pigeon hole part.

  2. I love everything! The pigeon holes are wonderful and perhaps would look better without the doors but it would be a shame to lose them! I love the tin bath, people used to dump tin bits and bobs in the woods, they look great but most of them have disintegrated over time, so you're lucky to find a whole one!

  3. I think I would keep the doors but put them on 180 hinges and add a hook so you can fold them back when you feel like showing off inside..... Lovely.

  4. i have never seen a cupboard quite like it! and what a cute bath. i have a claw foot bath growing herbs in it out the back :) Kate x

  5. i'm such a sucker for a pigeon hole - and this one's a cracker. great find!

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