Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just in....

                                                                  Firstly at the WAC,
This wonderful picnic set, which is complete, made by Nally and is such great colours. Perfect for a Melbourne Cup track side picnic I say.
Note it has two thermoses. Often people try to pass these sets off as complete if they have only one Thermos.
Green Rocker and more poufes.
I like the simple button detail.
Baskets of all shapes and sizes.
This clown not only makes me think of Tam, at A treasured Past. But it kind of freaks me out. Whenever we get something that does this Kristen takes great delight in leaving it in various locations around the house so that when I come upon it I get a fright. So he has been on my bed, on the kids beds, in the laundry and even on my car seat before he finally made it over to the WAC. He, and Kristen, owe me some hair dye for the extra greys they have given me.
Trunks are so popular and we always try to have a few different ones to choose from.

Heavy old sticky tape dispenser.
So on to the Cottage Garden Nursery.
Big old Chest of Drawers.
Great pair of heavy Art Deco inspired 1960's pots.
Great size desk.
Dressing Table.
I put an apron on the mannequin for fun and it made her look topless. So I improvised a top out of tea towels. I have since covered them with vintage costume brooches, a few you can see here.
My chandelier was quickly nabbed to display in Gillian's Garden Cafe, within the nursery. The photo doesn't do it justice it. It is perfect for the spot.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


  1. hehehe, we have a good laugh at the clown, how funny is Kristen :) Lots of lovelies this week, where do you find it all. The chandelier does look very pretty, Tam x

  2. ooohhh so many lovely treasures i wish i could come for a moouch around. Loving the picnic set that is gorgeous. dee x

  3. Such fun finds and treasures you unearth.

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  5. No, No, No way.....I have a severe clown phobia, and if someone had done that to me I would have passed out on the floor as I did when I was a teenager and a friend threw one at me in the dark down her hallway one night when I was staying over, they are just evil...Im not sure why they are portrayed as 'fun things' make kids laugh, they seriously just about make me cry.....

  6. More insanely amazing stuff. I'm loving the dusty pink chest of drawers. Perfection. Pruxxx

  7. What an incredible picnic set..... so perfect for the races.....

  8. Evil clowns must be destroyed!! Must! I have terminal Coulrophobia. I'm traumatised ;) Must go back to lurking.

  9. hehe.. the clown freaks me out also.. that's the sort of thing my brothers used to do.. leaving the scary things in unexpected places.. My dead grandma's walking stick used to freak me out and 'somehow' it was always under my bed each night [even though I had moved it]

    Katherine I love lots of things here today.. the aqua dresser and is that a metal hat tin next to it?.. also love the white globe.. fabulous!!

    So I've been a bit slow to visit ppl also.. thanks for popping over my way... and have a fab week.. ciao xxx Julie

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  11. How cute is that pink chest of drawers Katherine. Hope you are well, looking forward to catching up x x

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