Thursday, October 20, 2011

I've been at IT again....

....hoarding keeping stuff I should be selling. BUT IT IS SO HARD SOMETIMES...aargh! So you remember this chair below ? Well it's in the house now and if you look closely it is surrounded by some West German friends one of which is new.

Lovely vasey goodness. Son number two said to me "Mum don't you think you have enough of those vases, they are kind of every where?" So I told him what they retail for and how he will inherit them., he he. But yes I am the German vase equivalent of a crazy cat lady.

There is new things in the no man's land entance. The front used to be an open verandah which like a lot of Queenslander houses has been closed in. This means we now have a lot of useless space in the middle of the house.
So it is perfect for this sweet little parlour suite I nabbed moments before it was supposed to go to the WAC. I love these and it fulfills my need to own more chairs that no one sits on.  I like this set because it was complete, consisting of the two seater, two ladies chairs and two gents.

The hallway has some new things too.

I love this vase sooooo much. It came from the same house as the suite above.

Even its back is fabbo in my eyes.
I recently purchased these frames for some post cards I have....actually I have a thing about post cards, but that's for another post.  The frames are not old but I liked them and they were reasonably priced and fun. Do you recognize the print above ? Yes it was done by the lovely Kerri from Driftwood Interiors.
This post card is one of my favs. It's an old one that I had in another frame but the frame broke, some time ago, so finally it has a new home and I can enjoy it again.

Now you probably think this picture shows a new German lovely. But...
it's the fan that is new to this corner. Ready for summer. Vintage ones are so much nicer don't you think?
I know more see why son number two has a point and I am in some serious denial. But it is the poster that is new. I have actually had it for a while but only recently framed it for the Retro room.

Below is a taste of a couple of things I took over to the Cottage Garden nursery yesterday.
I thought the chandelier looked so romantic even hanging in the doorway to under my house. Hope you all are having a good week.


  1. What you need young lady is our German lava's only 5' would have to be the icing on the cake for your collection though :)

  2. Ha! Fulfils my need to own more chairs that no one sits on. That's my place!
    Love all your cool things, crazy German pottery woman! xx

  3. Wow, you are not wrong on the German vase collection. Don't they look great all displayed together. I can see why you like the green vase, it is very interesting, rather pretty in a crazy way.

    Love the vintage fan., I am sure it will get plenty of use. Tam x

  4. You have a beautiful home. Its great to be able to keep things you really love and WOW what a collection of German vases ;-)) I have to say i adore that green vase what a stunner that is gorgeous. dee xx

  5. That chandelier does look romantic hanging there under the house. Your collections are beautiful and I love the idea of finding bright, quite elaborate frames to display simple post cards.

    - Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)

  6. What a beautiful home you have! Thanks for giving us a stricky. Isn't that vase interesting? Not my usual thing but it really takes my fancy :) x

  7. The green color vase looks superb. It has an oriental touch somewhere with all the colors.


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