Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seeing GREEN around the oldboathouse

A rainy day today around Brisbane, thunder and storms. So not a good day for doing much of anything so instead of my usual pics of our finds I thought I would take a few pics around the place. Lately I have been loving GREEN.


  1. I am LUVIN that green...

    they look lovely....

    (my son just rang from the GC & said there was a big thunderstorm about to happen..lightening..big claps of thunder)..

    ps..I told him he better get off the phone...he said its a mobile it doesnt matter?? hope thats so!!~~

    xxx andrea...ps...hoping to get up your way in late october/early nov..


  2. Hi Katherine, Very impressed with your very creative photography style. Is that a fowler ware jug at the top? Loving all of your green...oh and that scrolly basket is divine.

    Oh and I spy a 70's heart :)

  3. Hi Katherine, its quite miserable here today also, no rain though, its on its way for tomorrow :(

    Love the green jug and gorgeous bracelet in the first shot, and the fabulous sign..so cool.


  4. I love your place, Katherine. Is that fabric stretched over a frame? It is pretty funky whatever it is. xx

  5. Fabulous greens there Katherine! It's my fav colour.
    We got our storm go through here (Redcliffe) around 3-ish. Didn't last very long though. :)

  6. Hey Katherine
    Jump on that ferry to Sydney.. and come and visit me!! how cute!! Love your shell collection and that cute sign... As a teenager everything I had was green!!! Then my niece was the same at that age... strange...

    So.. ... and I think your storms are headed our way... xxx Julie
    PS .. thanks for kind comments!!!

  7. Hi Katherine
    Love your pics and your displays ,you have a great eye for detail
    Love Bev,
    PS when are you over
    shop for a coffe.

  8. Hi Pam, yes you do spy a little heart a lovely lady I know makes the most wonderful soap...ha ha. It is a fowler jug, I love the size and colour, normally I would put some flowers in it. Xx katherine

  9. Hey Anita, yep I had the piece of fabric for ages and was going to make some cushions but decided to put it over the canvas as I didn't want to cut it, cheers katherine


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