Monday, July 26, 2010

Things we found at the Estate

Lots of fun old hats...the lady had been a very good sewer and made all her own clothes and decorated and made her hats.

I always love lady head vases and they are getting much harder to find these days.

I always love old tins. This one is just so cute..

Lots of lovely old bits and pieces from an old home Kristen came across yesterday. We also got some other items which I will show you soon. Sorry for the light posts this last week have been super busy with the kids I have lots of catching up to do with the shops etc and also with all the wonderful blogs I love to visit. Really there is just not enough time in a day is there??


  1. Hi Katherine, Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and it was great to meet you the other day. I love all the treasures that you have found. That tin is gorgeous and those hats....
    Have a wonderful week.
    Cheers, Pam

  2. Cool stuff Katherine. I spy a very heavy art glass vase. Japanese? Italian? Very nice indeed. And I hear you about getting the time to visit blog friends. xx

  3. Great stuff indeed Katherine. You always find great stuff though.


  4. You found some lovely items at the estate sale! I love the collection of hats, how wonderful and unique! xx

  5. What lovely things! I really like the head vase and that sweet blue and white vase as well. I own a few old hats, they're quirky but fun :)

  6. Hi ALL of your finds...BUT especially the lady head...

    & yep...not enough hours in the day..& I still GET nothing done!!~~

    xx andrea

  7. Wow, all great. But particularly love the ladies head vase and the pair of yellow vases!! You can never have too many... I Don't mean to sound desperate but what do you think this doll is?? Maybe it is just a sand mould after all?? Pruxxx

  8. Hey everyone...a small not so fun detail is my dining room is now full yet again of stock...and this lot has a distinct old lady, ie too much soap and lavender, smell as does my car...haha. The vase you mention Anita is Japanese, there glassworks were very good at doing that multi coloured look it has...I do like it's shape and size too. xx Katherine

  9. Hello. I found you via Helen in Oregon and found you are interested in old and unusual objects.
    Helen Jones (my IXL) of Mudjimba is auctioning her beachside home next Saturday. She is retiring to live on a yacht for a year or two and is parting with her collection of Austaliana and original art.
    If you are interested in such things as a marble topped butchers' table, colonial table and side board French tables and chairs and many more, give her a call and she can send you photographs.

    Some might have been included in photos I sent Helen some of which were in my blog a few days ago but any interest you express will be welcome.

    Her e-mail is or you can contact her through me. :-)

  10. You do have a knack for finding treasures and those hats are extra special.


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