Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Cabinet for my little treasures and its raining lemons....

I purchased this darling little cabinet recently to house my little bits and bobs and finally took it to the Cottage Garden Nursery at East Brisbane on Monday. I can now stock some of my favorite little items such as brooches, toy cars and vintage buckles.
Art Deco dinner gong.

I also wanted to show you a recent snap of the coffee shop at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre. No its not raining lemons....but don't they look fab!! It is such a fun place and new displays are always coming and going to keep us all entertained and inspired. Hope you are all having a lovely day.Email


  1. oooh I want me one of those cabinets too, they are perfect for antique fairs, stalls etc. dont come across too many though as most sellers want to keep them!!

  2. What a lovely little cabinet Katherine. Isn't that gong wonderful? I always love seeing your little finds.

  3. Hi Katherine, great little cabinet. I must visit the Woolloongabba Antique Centre again soon! Love those brooches too.

  4. Those buckles are gorgeous. I'd love to see what they become.

  5. Hi Katherine
    cute display cabinet. love all the bits and pieces inside also...particularly the silver flask and the rounded silver object[?}...

    Hope you are well.. I finally finished moving out of the old place and handed the keys in. that was a relief.. and now need to unpack at this end.. but have suddenly slowed down.. it was a slog of a week..

    Have a great weekend and thanks for checking in on me.. .. xxx Julie

  6. that a divine little cabinet, everyone will want it! I love the WAC its just amazing and I spend hours there already!

  7. Ooh Katherine I'm SERIOUSLY envious of your little cabinet....I've been looking for one of these FOREVER....!!

    Next time I'm up in QLD I'm going to have to vist the Woolloongabba Antique Centre & then you & I are going to have to hook up for some Treasure Hunting.... :o) !!

    Cheers from Melbourne,
    Tamarah :o)

  8. Lovely cabinet Katherine. What beautiful little treasures inside! Love the displays they do at the WAC too - it's one of my favorite places to visit. Hope you are having a great weekend. Michelle

  9. Hi Katherine,

    thanks for visiting :) I can't believe the amount of amazing things you find in the local is quite slim pickings down these part of the woods, too many newer homes...hope you have a relaxing Sunday,


  10. Hi Katherine! Boy, I wish I could do a local pick up on your ebay doors and windows--you really have great architectural treasures!!! I love your new display cabinet, too!

  11. Hi katherine, sorry for my absentee on your blog of late. I am so so busy, I have taken over the shop next door and I am going mad buying stock to open in a few weeks. I love your new cabinet and tose lemons are so cute and kitchsy.

  12. Katherine, such beautiful jewelry! I just made a few purchases of some vintage jewelry this weekend. Oh and that little cabinet...cute

  13. What a lovely cabinet for all your treasures! Have found your blog via Michelle at Paper Tree Design and so glad I stopped by. Looking forward to following you!
    Christine x

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