Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some lovely pieces from a old home today

Found some lovely pieces this afternoon with a lot more to come later in the week, as I just brought home some of the easier to carry items today.

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  1. Dear katherine...OUCH CHE KA ?? whatever the saying is to spell!!

    I LOVE ALLLLL Of those goodies...what great finds...You must be over the moon?? or maybe that is just me?

    great gorgeous finds...

    xx andrea

  2. OMG my husband is so happy we don't live within pick up distance of any of your goodies. They are all way too gorgeous.

  3. Hi Katherine, I think I love all these pieces I can see them all lining up in my spray booth. Love my vintage suitcase - thankyou Sandy x

  4. ooooh, aaah, gorgeous pieces Katherine. I am going to have to get myself sorted and find my way to Brisbane!

  5. Such beautiful things. Too bad I'm here and you're there.

  6. Katherine, I love to see what new, old pieces of interest you feature here!!! Always a good mix of intrigue, can't wait to drop in next time I'm in BrisVegas!


  7. It's truly a good thing, I can't drive over to see your stuff cuz I would have a hard time having restraint. You find amazing "stuff"!


  8. I can't believe all the beautiful items you find. And living in Chicago, I love to see the photographed with the palm trees in the back ground :-)

  9. My goodness you come across some wonderful stuff, I just love it all.

  10. HI Katherine

    Love all your new goodies.. those sidetables are right up my alley!! so to speak!

    Thanks for popping back over and putting that song back in my head!!! hhaha.. trying to get another post up with a new song to annoy both of us but blogger is being a pain... Have fun xxx Julie

  11. Love your blog!!! Found you @ Simone's!
    Have a good one!

  12. Hi Katherine, lovely pieces!!!! Julia would really like them www.thebooandtheboy.com blog. Thank you for the advice on the steroid. I am now on Valproic acid, so as to come of the decadron (dexamethasone), although I have had 2 seizures in the last 10 days now, and the blood work has come back really low levels of these. Not fun!! if this continues not to work, I will ask about the one you suggested!! Thanks again

  13. As usual great finds....and I know that teapot would have to be yours....we have the same tastes!


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