Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pictures of some of my Ebay listings this week

I only picture just some of the items I list each week on ebay. You can see all the items I have on ebay by clicking here


  1. Hi Katherine hope your having a good week. I want those bedsides - better bid on ebay I guess.
    Just picked up a lovely cabinet today Oh the thrill of a find and even better when it comes to you. Have a great night. Sandy x

  2. Hi Katherine
    Love that clock thingy!! quite interesting.!!

    Well thank you so much for the birthday wishes.. yes.. 21 again!!! of course !! haha.. and a bit more.... hope you have a great week and yes maybe I will put those images up for skywatch.. thanks.. xxx julie

  3. Hi Katherine, I just looked on your ebay shop and can't seem to find the clock date stand or the lighthouse lamp :( Have I missed out or am I blind?? Elizabeth -

  4. Hi all, Sorry to lead you astray Elizabeth those particular items arn't actually listed till tonight 7.30, cheers Katherine

  5. Thanks Katherine - found them!!

  6. You are one very busy lady and you always have the most unique finds.


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