Thursday, September 3, 2009

Old Bulimba Estate just in

For whatever reason so far this year all the full house lots, I have been lucky enough to come across, have been outside my area, nothing local. But this week I have been clearing (hence the light posting) a house only a few mintues from my home. Kristen and I have been just putting a couple of heavy items at a time on the ute, not bothering to tie it down and just trickling home. I will be listing some of the furniture in the next few days on ebay. I guess when I think of this place in the years a head my biggest memory will be of the shells. The old folks had a great love of shells,they had them everywhere.


  1. Will the listing include those beautiful shells? I am redecorating my town house with a beach cottage thrift theme and think some big shells are just what we need.

  2. Hi Mandy, You are welcome to come and have a look and choose some you would like to purchase. There are also some smaller ones and some larger ones that I have not pictured. If you drop me an email at I will forward you my phone details etc. cheers Katherine

  3. Oh My.......those shells...dont tease me please!


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