Sunday, March 24, 2013

Full Dining table ready to be cleaned and priced for the Garden Center & WAC

Another busy week here at The Old Boathouse means another full dining table. 

We have taken lots of photos for you to see. Hopefully it will all be heading over to the WAC and garden centre this week. 

My favourite is this delicate china tea strainer. 
Lots of blue and white plates.

Lots of silverware

Great old collectables like these torches and cricket bat.



Walking sticks

Timber suitcases

So many pretties. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend....See you on instagram x


  1. Put aside those walking sticks. I know an old hobbling person who may need it! Xx

  2. Oh I love those blue & white goodies! I need to get to your shops soon. Let's hope I can get there during the holidays!

    Best wishes and see you on IG!
    Natasha in Oz

  3. Fabulous haul as per usual. I've always got my eyes peeled for Bitossi!

  4. Katherine, I've been meaning to ask you for ages. I'm not sure what they're called but my grandmother had a few of them. They were cushions for the living room and they were fringed but the actual fabric was more like fur and it depicted a landscape scene. I'm not sure if they were souveniers picked up somewhere or what they're called. Do you know what I mean and have you seen any on your travels? I'd love to know what happened to Nannas.

    Anne xx

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  7. When people say something rotten, a duck ......

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