Monday, October 1, 2012

At it again... Dining Table shoppers and Cottage Garden update

Remember this gal, Nan? She's been at it again, shopping on my Dining Table. 
This time she chose a lovely Victorian Jardinere. But look out whose this ?

It's a new generation of dining table shopper, my niece, Hannah. 

She was very excited to find a vintage torch.
A couple of new batteries and it was good to go. 

This afternoon I did a rearrange at the Cottage Garden Nursery. I had my trusty sidekick, and chief duster, Nan with me. It's always nice to have a helper and she had to pay off her Jardinere, just kidding. 

Hat boxes


Bottles and Boxes

Lovely old butter box

Silky Oak Blanket Box

Patio Table

Stylish old carver chair
Queenslander Bench Seat

Restocked some of the crystal and glassware

It's been a long weekend here in Brisbane. So we will no doubt be playing catch up all week. Hope you all have a lovely week.


  1. Yikes woman is there anything you *don't* have in stock?! too much awesome stuff going on!!!

  2. I love long weekends now. I'm sad to see it finished. Lucky you have such a high turnover of stock otherwise you may find yourself getting too attached to it.

    Nan's a good stick. I like her a lot. I can also see myself forming a fond spot for Torchlight Hannah.

  3. Nan's got great taste. You seem to have an abundance of stock at the moment. And all of it great. xx

  4. Oh my gosh that pink trunk is DIVINE.

  5. How cute is your Nan! She has a good eye, the jardiniere is gorgeous. I also spied that pretty pink pale on the table of your store, love it. Are you enjoying the housewives, they are too crazy!

  6. Love the old clothes hampers and that curvy shelf underneath the anodised planters,lovely lot of goodies in store.

  7. As normal you always have beautiful things. I'm sure that if I payed a visit I'd be shopping from your table too.

  8. Nan makes me laugh! Shes such a sweetie :)

  9. You got an interesting collection, also your idea is great to create a blog and post there to display. You must plan for an exhibition.


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