Saturday, August 18, 2012

Full Table

     Massive German Jug,not sure if it will end up anywhere but here.

  That old golfer is not being a dirty old man staring at the scantily clad young lady. Its just the way they ended up being unpacked. Ha!
 Super retro shade
Wall peacock hiding away.

 Lots of retro glass.
 This original retro plastic shade is in fantastic condition for its age

Have a great weekend. Lotte is away this weekend, so I am off for a night down the Coast.


  1. Lots of lovelies Katherine. Enjoy your night away, Tam x

  2. Enjoy your night away, Katherine. Have a cocktail for me! Also yes I can see that west German staying at your place. xx

  3. Ohh, have a lovely night away. That's some very lovely WG and I'm with Brismod I can see that staying with you.

    So many treasures on that table.

  4. The scantily clad young lady looks a lot like a Kiwi souvenir doll I have (minus the traditional garb of course)Hope you don't have to clean that tablefull of goodies? Have a lovely time away.

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  6. Ohh Kath, How much for the Tiger. There is a little girl here that would go nuts for that!.

  7. What is the retro shade made from? Interesting!!! In search of an interesting light to hang over our dining table ... it's been nearly 3 years with a bulb on a long drop.

  8. Have a great break Katherine, love the retro shade.

  9. Loving all the new pieces :) Do you happen to have any grey tone/cream bowls in approximate 35ish centimetres in diameter? Am on the hunt for two that needn't be the same.

    If you could send any info through to if you do would be wonderful.


  10. I love the lion and the cow. Cutest statues ever.


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