Monday, April 23, 2012

We're Home and just in time for Chauncy's BIG night ! !

Actually we arrived home Friday. Lotte surprised her surgical team and the wonderful nursing staff at the Mater Children's hospital and had only a 5 day stay, not the..up to two weeks, predicted before hand. What a star! Thank - you for all your kind comments and thoughts.

While we were away a new member of the family arrived. Isn't he cute! I have already wasted so much time watching him dart about in his 5 ft tank...thank goodness that fits in Chauncy's room. He is only about 15cm long at the moment but he will grow much bigger and he should live for up to 30 years. 

And in other super exciting news Lotte and I were home in time to share in Chauncy's year 12  formal. I was secretly stressing about this all week, as every Mum wants to be a part of the excitement of the big night.

Chauncy and his girlfriend, Jadey  made a beautiful couple don't you think ?
And look, he's actually smiling....a blog first!  


  1. Congratulations to Lotte on such a great outcome.

    Lovely photos of your year 12 graduate. It was terrific that you didn't miss out on that.

  2. HI Dear Katherine
    Well It's been a big week in your house.. Congrats to Lotte for being such a champion.. and as for the youngin's that look fabulous!! Big smiles all round..

    Have a lovely week .. hope this one will be quieter for you with all your kiddies home and causing the normal amount of havoc..

    ciao ciao xxx Julie

  3. Welcome home! Love the new family member. We have a tank all set up for a turtle but haven't got one yet. Can u recommend a place? Kate x

    1. Hi Kate, We go to Pets Unleashed at Morningside on Wynnum Road. There is a young guy there who is very knowledgable and helpful.We put the turtle on hold until the water in his tank was ready. They test the water for you and make sure it imperfect before you take the turtle home. They also organised the permit for the turtle which took about 10 mins. So far he has been lots of fun for very little effort. xxx

  4. I'm disappointed that Chauncy is not wearing Frodo's shoes...Ha! Gorgeous couple, I can't believe you have sons old enough to go to formals! So good to hear how well Lotte did after surgery. A great news post. xx

  5. Lotte is a bit of a star for being released so early. That's great. I adore the new addition to the family. Were not allowed them in Tas so I'll just have to be envious of yours!
    Yes, a beautiful couple! Lovely pics of them :)

  6. What beautiful children you have. I'm so glad Lotte's hospital stay and surgery went well. She's a little trooper.

    And I laughed to read that smile was a blog first! Chauncy is a handsome lad. I think I see a dimple! Cute.

  7. Glad to hear your lovely daughter is home safe and sound. And your son and his girlfriend make a gorgeous couple, no mum would want to miss her boy going off to his formal :-)

  8. I was so pleased to read your post this morning and to hear how well and quick Lotte has recovered ;-) And your son is very handsome i agree they make a gorgeous couple Chauncy girlfriend looks like a big sweet heart. Have a good week and hope you all enjoy your new turtle ;-)) dee x

  9. Good news all round! Chauncy looked fab - hope he had a great time. (so pleased you didn't miss it). xx

  10. You got a turtle, I just got a wild duck!! It turned up this morning at my mans place and looks like its moving in, LOL!! Looks like all your kids are doing well, what more could a mother ask for. P.S. loving that set of blue outdoor furniture you just put in the WAC.xx.

  11. I'm glad Lotte is doing so well. That handsome boy of yours is a charmer!

  12. You must be thrilled to bits this week,what a relief.Lovely pics,very handsom,boys don't smile fullstop.

  13. Great to catch up! Good to hear Lotte is better too! Happy week! X

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  15. What a beautiful Picture of Lotte, Kath. She is looking beautiful <3

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