Saturday, February 4, 2012

Treasures for Plonk...and other finds of the week

As you all know we have a lot of fun gathering our finds each week and we meet a lot of interesting characters in the process. People who are always up for a laugh and a story are my favourites and often the most memorable in the long run. This was the case yesterday with a fabulous lady who lives just around the corner from me. I have actually known this lady for sometime, as she had been a customer at my shop in Hawthorne, and I had recently noticed her house had come on the market. I had been meaning to pop in but was yet to do so when Kristen drove past on his way somewhere and noticed a garage sale sign.
Well he quickly rang me, being rather annoyed he couldn't pop in himself as he  was headed on a call out himself, and I high tailed it around the corner. As fate would have it another local dealer had been there the day before so I had missed out on a few treasures I'm sure, but as I say, I am not greedy and was happy with  the items I came home with. But what has this got to do with plonk you say? Well, let me finish...If a garage sale is close by I sometimes will pop back in later in the day or evening as you never know what else will have been added to the sale and lets face it you are still a good 12 hours or so ahead of the public and the official start time so there is no skin off your nose to do so. So I did this last night. When I got there, there was a bit of a post garage sale organizers party going on, with the lovely lady and her girlfriends (all I'm sure were well over 70 )   and sure enough there was a few more goodies I liked. We did the usual add up and then I got what in this game is not an altogether uncommon request...." You can have it for a bottle of Sav Blanc..." giggle giggle giggle go the ladies... So off I speed to my local,  retrieved the icy cold bottle (Not Jacob's Creek, an additional request), returned and gathered up my treasures. I got some of the treasures below for my troubles.

The clock below I had purchased earlier in the day.

Along with this snazzy tray mobile, which has a tray that pulls out.

and this nice copper and black gallery.
I couldn't resist this deck chair.
Or this nice lead light cabinet  and another tray mobile below.
Other finds during the week are pictured below...

This chair I loved and has already sold along with the sea grass table below.

This Smiths clock works so well and reminds me of a government office.
Saucer chairs
Large heavy wooden farm house cupboard

Industrial shelves.
These bags always remind me of my brothers high school days.
Fabulous pair of trestle ladders.

Cute pink and yellow metal meat safe, which I think would make a cute end table or bedside.
Hope you all had a great week.


  1. Wow! So much fabulous stuff there Katherine. My faves would have to be the farmhouse cupboard (wish I had room) and that gorgeous anenome vase in the top photo and then there are the gorgeous paintings....xx

  2. That stuff was in a GARAGE SALE?

    I'm stupefied. Great things. I'm feeling an itch!

  3. What great finds! Anything for a bottle of wine.... That sounds very sensible on their behalf! Ha! Hope to catch you soon! X

  4. I'm with MMMC I like this type of garage sale!

    ohhh be still my beating heart, I see a RD Countess platter, I already have that platter in three sizes ... mmmm contrary to public belief my first china love actually was RD Countess not Lotte.

  5. Oh dear. I had a puma bag in my highschool days (still at Mum's). And they weren't that cool in the late 80s when the army rucksack was all the rage. I always had bag envy...silly really.
    Love the story of the bottle of wine. Great finds. Love that smiths clock too. xx

  6. Damn about that sea grass chair having already sold. It had my bottom written all over it! I LOVE the shape. Had a chuckle at the bag & Brismod's comment about the army rucksack ... I had one of those as a school bag during some of my high school years. Was crap at bubble writing (still am) and had a friend Nikko my name on the front & I think with the I's in my name done as a lightning bolts ... how KISS of me!


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