Saturday, January 21, 2012

Theoldboathouse ready for the weekend

At five to 5, yesterday afternoon, just before the WAC closed, I finally felt I had my spaces full and ready for the weekend. I have left in late in the day before but never that late.

Here are a some pictures from my spots at the WAC.

deco lamp
Meadmore chair


Plus here are some pictures from the Garden Centre
Original Seagrass table

Silky Oak rocker

Have a great weekend !


  1. Hi Katherine, so many lovelies. Is the Milkshake sign original, is is tin, how much are you selling it for? Carl collects pennants, do you have any NSW/ACT ones?

    Have a lovely weekend. I forgot to mention in the earlier comments that I hope that Lotte is feeling better. Tam x

  2. There is an electric jug in one of the photos that looks like it's shaped like a frog? Or do I need to put my glasses on?

    To "A Treasured Past" ... I'll have to see if I have any NSW/ACT pennants. We have a few stashed away marked for Ebay.

  3. Hi Katherine - I was at the WAC on Thursday and didn't see these goodies - I love those wooden rolling pins. Will drop in next week. Hope all still good with Lotte. Take care F xx

  4. What fantastic treasures! I must getup for a visit!!! I have my eye on that mannequin.... I have been looking for one... Hope to catch you very soon! X

  5. Thanks for the virtual shopping experience, lots of lovely finds!

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